Two New Board Members


The General Assembly of Porto Alegre 2005 decided the election of two new representatives of social movements to HIC Board. HIC General Secretariat assumed the task of coordinating the process for receiving the nominations
and the further election.

Today we announce you that this process has successfully concluded with an broad participation of HIC Board members, receiving comments also from Board alternates and Focal Points. The two new HIC Board members are:

  • Na Hyo-Woo, LOCOA, Korea/Philippines, international coordinator of the Leaders and Organizers of Community Organization in Asia, founder of Korea National Urban Poor Association and he was Asia coordinator for Habitat II Istanbul in 1996. LOCOA has over 100 organizations network in 17 countries in Asia. (
  • Hanan Masri, NISCVR, Libanon, engaged with social service to the residents of the refugee camps in Lebanon. Their international networking as a Social Movement Representative to the HIC Board may also enhance representation of Middle East and and strengthen refugees struggles, as a hugely important subject of HIC human settlements portfolio. (

For all of you who participated to this electoral process, our thanks and congratulations! It has been an open and transparent experience that will help us to enhance the participation of social movements at HIC, and strengthen the institutional operation of the Coalition.

For more information on the process you or to submit ideas and proposals to our new representatives contact:

Ana Sugranyes, HIC General Secretary