Update on the eviction of homeless people from the Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hall


Dear Friends,

Nojiren would like to thank every
single one of the 191 individuals and 61 organizations that signed on to our
petition protesting the construction of an enclosure around the Tokyo
Metropolitan Children’s Hall. Over the years, the Children’s Hall has served as
a valuable base for Nojiren’s communal kitchen, and as a sleeping space for
countless persons.

On October 21st, Nojiren submitted
our petition to the Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hall and the Family Support
Division of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Public Health, which administers
Hall matters. We stood along with 30 of our homeless friends from Shinjuku and
Shibuya before the Metropolitan City Hall and spoke with Division Head
Kashiwabara. Unfortunately, he shared nothing more than insistences that
“experts have assessed that the premises are dangerous, so construction will
proceed as planned.” We reminded him that only some parts of the building need
repair and there is still time to adjust the plans. We urged him to change the
plans for construction to allow for continuation of the communal kitchen and
Nojiren’s encampment.

For a video news report on the eviction, please
see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG4tT4UBDiM.

According to their plans, the
enclosure will be built from June 26 through June 28, which means we don’t have
much longer. We will be more vigilant than ever in keeping an eye on our

You can help us protect our
communal kitchen and the encampment by sending a message voicing your opposition
to the eviction of homeless persons from the Children’s Hall (“Jido Kaikan”) in
Shibuya to the metropolitan Family Support Division at:
Email: koe@metro.tokyo.jp
Fax: +81-3-5388-1400

From Wednesday October 26 to
Friday, October 28, Nojiren will be in Mitake Park (a 5-minute walk from Shibuya
Station) monitoring our encampment as construction of the enclosure begins.
Persons wishing to join should contact us
at: 080-3127-0639 (Japanese only).

Donations may be sent to: Japan
Post Bank 00160-1-33429

Thank you for your continued

Shibuya Free Association for the
Right to Housing and Well-being of the HOMELESS (NOJIREN)

1-27-8 (202) Higashi

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo