WSF 2015: Reclaiming the City, Reclaiming Local Food Systems


workshop discussed and shared the links between the Right to the City platform,
the food sovereignty movement, and solidarity economy. This activity focused on
enhancing local and regional food systems (city region food systems), including
tangible experiences in creating better and more sustainable access to food in
urban areas. Presenters shared their organizational experiences in implementing
structural change in urban areas including implementing Right to the City
frameworks/policy and social production of habitat, urban agriculture and
Community Supported Agricultural models, Community gardens and allotments,
workers coops and solidarity finance. Organizations involved include Habitat
International Coalition, Urgenci (the International Network of Community
Supported Agriculture), and RIPESS (Network for Promotion of Social Solidarity
Economy), with presentations from food producers from La Via Campesina and


Converging different struggles
and different areas of knowledge with a common goal/framework which allows us
to have new entry points as well as new ways of mobilizing.


-Key events at the international level include different
but coordinated mobilization across many forums and processes including the
Committee on World Food Security, various trade agreement processes,
implementation of the tenure guidelines.

-Also important to hold local, city-level discussions and
interventions – to discuss with communities in how to mobilize.

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participants, click here.