Advanced MSc in Urban Planning at Darmstadt University

Whereas there exist numerous courses on urban planning worldwide, this is the only one that also puts a special focus on foreign aid and consultancy input. It is of interest for all professions with a stake in Urban development planning in the international setting and represents an innovative approach in so far as the first year is organized in a series of intensive course modules taught by the most renowned experts in their field worldwide. The second year incorporates an exchange semester or internship to complement the student”s previous professional experience, field research and the preparation of the master’s thesis. Tuition language is English

The successful participant of this course will be awarded an internationally acknowledged advanced MSc diploma, be familiar with newest theory and practice in the design and management of complex urban development tasks, ready to take over leadership positions in concerned agencies or to teach at Master level university courses himself or herself. The international composition of staff and students of the course and the exchange term in a third country helps to build up a wide network of experts which is an indispensable asset particularly in international-cooperation business and other urban development tasks under conditions of Globalization. The diploma will not only provide the formal qualification for further PhD studies in Germany and the rest of Europe, but the curriculum also includes central study elements that notably accelerate a subsequent PhD study if so intended.

Study fees amounting to a toal of € 6000,- over two years are well below the typical level of other international top quality Master studies.

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