Co-Habitat Community led housing in the spotlight

In November 2021 Adriana Allen participated as discussant in a workshop organised by the Co-Habitat network initiative involving a cross-learning exchange across innovative initiatives in Vietnam, Thailand, Namibia, Bangladesh and Brazil.

In her closing remarks she highlighted that these experiences are rewriting the history of the cities where they are inscribed. They are extraordinary stories by ordinary people who are erasing silences and challenging stigma and marginalisation. They are revealing that women and men involved in community-led housing are citizens with agency and capacity despite the challenges they face without the entitlements and rights they deserve.

The rest of the videos of the session are available here.

Alto al genocidio contra el pueblo palestino

Alto al genocidio contra el pueblo palestino

Declaración de HIC-HLRN: Los Estados deben actuar por la paz en Palestina, con justicia y sin sionismo Esta declaración actualiza y revisa la Declaración de HIC de 23 de octubre [...]