Governance and natural disasters:addressing flooding in Saint Louis, Senegal

This paper, written by Khady Diagne from ENDA–Tiers Monde, describes an initiative to develop responses to flooding, in the city of Saint Louis, that focused both on reducing risks and on better preparedness in a city with very limited investment capacity.

The initiative was developed by ENDA–Tiers Monde, an international NGO and HIC member whose headquarters are in Senegal. It focused on building responses that draw on local knowledge and on supporting the engagement of all stakeholders in identifying causes and local solutions both to reduce risks and to reduce people’s vulnerability to them.

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Alto al genocidio contra el pueblo palestino

Alto al genocidio contra el pueblo palestino

Declaración de HIC-HLRN: Los Estados deben actuar por la paz en Palestina, con justicia y sin sionismo Esta declaración actualiza y revisa la Declaración de HIC de 23 de octubre [...]