HIC celebrates its Annual General Assembly 2018

Habitat International Coalition (HIC) convokes its Annual General Assembly 2018

We invited all HIC Members, Friends and Allies to participate in the online 2018 General Assembly meeting. HIC General Assembly is an open event and HIC Members are encouraged to invite other partners to join the meeting. 

Attendance: 48 participants (24 women and 24 men) from 26 organizations from 22 countries, from which 7 Board Members, and the team of 5 HIC structures.
According to HIC-SG database, 62 Members had the right to vote, from which 25 were represented at the Assembly (22 present + 3 with proxies), meaning there was quorum for voting of 41%.

All HIC Members with the right to vote will have the opportunity to vote for the motions discussed during the General Assembly meeting until January 9 2019.

More detailed information regarding the voting process will be sent further.

Proposed Agenda for the General Assembly Meeting 

More info about the Geneal Assembly:

A. Meeting details

B. Proposed Agenda for the General Assembly Meeting

C. Documents of reference

D. Technical information: Zoom software instructions