Latest Updates: On the road towards the World Social Forum Free Palestine

International mobilization for the WSF Free Palestine

Delegations from 36 countries from all five continents have already registered
for the World Social Forum Free Palestine turning this event into the largest
gathering of solidarity and social movements for Palestine. Delegations from
the following countries have confirmed their presence: South Africa; Germany;
Argentine; Belgium; Brazil; Canada; Chile; Colombia; Cuba; Ecuador; Scotland;
Spain; United States; Philippines; France; Ghana; Guinea; India; England; Iran;
Israel; Italy; Japan; Jordan; Lebanon; Norway; Palestine; Pakistan; Paraguay;
Democratic Republic of Congo; Senegal; Swaziland; Togo; Tunisia; Uruguay;
158 self-organized activities promoted by organizations from 21 countries have
been registered. We are currently closing the process of convergence of these
activities that has allowed us to ensure strong, global and focused
discussions. We are further happy to see that a short analysis of the
registered self-organized activities shows an impressive coherence of
intentions of global solidarity: The activities fully reflect the aims,
priorities and analysis of the Reference Document elaborated in Palestine for
the WSF Free Palestine.

Almost 3000 participants have already registered through the WSF Free Palestine
registration website and many more are organizing with their movements to
attend. From all over Brazil and neighbouring countries buses are being
Be part of the WSF Free Palestine – Let’s bring Solidarity to a new level! 

Register now your participation as individual, participant linked to an
organization or media vehicle at: (read
further logistical information below).

2. High profile speakers

Dozens of inspiring speakers, key activists of the global solidarity movement,
intellectuals, social movements leaders and artists have already confirmed
their presence at the World Social Forum. See below a few examples of what is
waiting for you during the historic days of Porto Alegre, November 28 –
December 1, 2012.


Ronnie Kasrils (born 15 November 1938) is a South African politician.
He wascabinet minister from 2004 to 2008. He was a member of the 
National Executive Committee (NEC) of
African National
(ANC) from 1987 to 2007 as well as a member of the Central
Committee of the 
African Communist Party 
(SACP) from December 1986 to 2007.
He is one of the most eloquent speakers on Israeli apartheid from a South
African perspective: “In South Africa – let’s not forget it – there was a time when the
world would compare any repulsive tyrannical regime and they would say: one
place there will never be a change – these black guys they are not
going to be able to remove the apartheid tyranny. These guys are
too powerful, the resources, military, the might, the gold, the wealth –
impossible! But not for a repressed people who can never say that we accept the

See the full speech at:

Angela Davis. Through her activism and scholarship over the last decades, Angela Davis has
been deeply involved in our nation’s quest for social justice. She has always
emphasized the importance of building communities of struggle for economic,
racial, and gender justice. Angela Davis is the author of nine books and has
lectured throughout the United States as well as in Europe, Africa, Asia,
Australia, and South America.

For a presentation on Palestine see:

Palestinian artists:

Marcel Khalife was born on June 10, 1950 in Amchit, Lebanon. He studied the Oud
(the Arabic lute) at the Beirut National Conservatory of Music and graduated in
1971, and, ever since, has been injecting a new life into the Oud. Marcel
Khalife’s works has been critically acclaimed both in the Arab World and worldwide.
His creativity, innovations and his political and humanitarian concerns have
made him one of the musical heroes of the Palestinian cause. In June 2005
Marcel Khalifé was named UNESCO Artist for Peace for his artistic achievement
and humanitarian contributions. He has performed in some of the most
prestigious music halls around the world.

“Nothing justifies our art other than to speak for those who
cannot speak.”

See a Marcel Khalife performance at:

DAM Hiphop music is a unique fusion of east and west, combining Arabic percussion
rhythms, Middle Eastern melodies, and urban hip hop. DAM’s musical inspiration
comes out of everyday life in their hometown of Lyd fifteen minutes from Tel
Aviv among the youth of the city and neighboring communities with programs and
opportunities that have otherwise been denied to Palestinian citizens of
Israel. The group has been featured in Vibe, National Geographic, Rolling
Stone, Q, Basement, Reuters, and The New York Times, and has appeared on MTV,
CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera.

For one of their music videos see:

3. WSF Free Palestine Extended

For those who are unable to join us in Brazil, the World Social Forum Free
Palestine WSF-FP calls for simultaneous protests, creative actions and media
efforts worldwide to call attention to the goals and strategies that will
be discussed and promoted during this Forum.In order to know how to
participate at the WSF Free Palestine Extended, please click here:

Be a part of the WSF Free Palestine wherever you are: 28 November to 1 December
2012 !

4. World Parliamentary Forum Free Palestine:

“Members of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio Grande do
Sul support the united effort developed in Brazil, in Palestine and in the
world to build the “World Social Forum – Free Palestine”, in Porto
Alegre, from 28 November to 1st December 2012. We welcome and host the World
Parliamentary Forum – Free Palestine (WPF Free Palestine), which will take
place in the afternoon of November 30 of this year, in the Legislative Assembly
of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

[…] We believe this is a unique and direly needed opportunity for
discussions, exchange of ideas and experiences, strategic planning and
development of parliamentary initiatives aimed at the solution of the Palestinian
question. […] At the same time that global civil society meets to discuss
solidarity with Palestine, the contribution of their representatives in
parliament cannot be absent.”

For more information, the program, how to participate and contact details for
the organizing committee of the World Parliamentary Forum, please click here:

5. Churches and theological authorities support the
World Social Forum Free Palestine

Faith based organizations are strongly mobilizing for the WSF Free
Palestine. Grassroots organizations, prominent theological figures and the
World Council of Churches support the WSF Free Palestine. Leonardo Boff has
motivated his support for the WSF FP saying that: “It
is our duty to be on the side of the Palestinians.” 
Cardoso, a methodist pastor from CEBI ( Ecumenical Bible Center) in Rio Grande
do Sul explains the plans for a faith based track at the WSF Free Palestine: “We
see the WSF Free Palestine as a key space to give voice to our Palestinian
brothers and sisters from the Kairos Palestine Initiative and to deepen the
discussion on Palestine. ”
Among the religious authorities so
far confirmed are Hanna Atallah, archbishop of Jerusalem and the Jewish
theologian professor Marc Ellis.

6. Registration and logistics:

a) Individual participants

Individual registration gives the participants the right to participate in the
whole WSF Free Palestine program (conferences, workshops and cultural events).
In order to register, access the link and
choose the form “Individual participants”. Fill in the form and wait some
minutes. Then check your email and click on the link received in order to
activate the registration (or copy and paste the link on your web browser).

After this confirmation, you will receive a message with your number and all
details concerning payment of registration fee. Note: if the message with
the link to activate the registrationstakestoo longto
the SPAM box. Some rare times your server blocks
this email. In such cases, register with a different
email (type gmail, yahoo, hotmail).

b) Organizations and participants that are members of

Access the website Select the
form “Organization” and, right after, click the button “New
Register your organization, wait some minutes, then check your email and click
on the link received in order to activate the registration (or copy and paste
the link on your web browser the, press ). After this
confirmation, come back to the registration website and register your
Note: if this message takes too long to arrive, check
the SPAM box. Some rare times your server blocks
this email. In such cases, register with a different
email (typegmail, yahoo, hotmail).

c) Registration of delegates (participants linked to
the organization)

Each registered organization can
also enroll their participants (or delegates). In order to
do this, after receiving the email and activating
the registration of the organization, please return to the website
and choose the
form “Participants linked to the organization”. Enter
the same email and password used to register the organization (item b above).
The registration fee for organization allows to register up
to five delegates. The system allows you to register as many delegates as
you wish, but additional delegates must pay a fee equivalent to the individual

d) Press

Media professionals who will cover the event may
register directly on the website, also indicating the media for
which they will be covering the event. Those who are
interested in taking part in the shared coverage must
authorize the free reproduction of
contents through creative commons or copy left licenses.

Attention: In order to register media
professionals or freelancers, it is compulsory to register first the name of
the media outlet (which can be a digital media as well). In order to do so,
please go to the website and
select the form “Press/media vehicle”. Register the outlet, wait some
minutes and verify your email with the link to activate the registration. Click
on the link or copy-paste it to your browser. After confirmation, come back to
the site and register the media or freelancer professional.

Note: if this message takes too long to
arrive, check
the SPAM box. Some rare times your server blocks
this email. In such cases, register with a different
email (type gmail, yahoo, hotmail).

7. Hotel accommodation

All expenses for lodging and meals shall be borne by the participants
themselves. The Organizing Committee facilitates the search of accommodation
indicating on the site a list of hotels and inexpensive hostels (see list of
hotels at

8. Registration fees

The payment of registration is a political call to self-sustainability of the
World Social Forum Free Palestine, and is a contribution of all organizations
and individuals participating in its construction. Aware of the different
payment capacities of its participants in a scenario of economic crisis and
dwindling resources internationally, the Organizing Committee of the WSF Free
Palestine has stipulated different fees that were defined as follows:

– Organizations (entitled to up to 5 delegates): R$ 200 (or US$ 100). If your
organization is sending more than five delegates, you must add extra R$ 20 (or
US$ 10) for each additional delegate
– Individuals and additional delegates/participants: R$ 20 (or US$ 10)
– Palestinian Refugees: free
– Trade union confederations : R$ 2.000-5.000 (US$ 1.000-US$ 2.500), according
to ability

Non-Brazilian organizations and individuals can pay for the registration upon
arrival in Porto Alegre
. The proof of payment can be
presented during the accreditation or in the days before, at the WSF Free
Palestine office.

9. Visa letters

The Brazilian Organizing Committee is in touch with the Ministry of External
Affairs to assure that Brazilian embassies and consulates from the countries
where visa is required to speed up the process to issue visa to participants at
the forum. If you need a personal invitation letter, please register online for
the WSF Free Palestine and write to subject:
visa invitation letter. You have to send your full name (as in the passport),
passport number, date of expiration and the city of the consulate where you
will be applying for visa.

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