Open call for proposals for a new HIC General Secretariat (GS)

Deadline for submission of candidates extended to March 15, 2013

HIC General Secretariat (GS) has been based in Santiago since January 2004. During
the last nine years, the main achievements of HIC-GS have concentrated on the Coalition’s
consolidation –recovering the international image after the internal crisis,
2000-2003– and transparency –in terms of membership management, clarification
of position description of the different Coalition’s bodies, coordination among
the regional and thematic bodies, and use of IT tools, communication,
organizational presentation, annual flagship reports, and accountings.

In the
last few years, the Coalition has changed in many ways: membership management is
more transparent and responsibilities are shared between the GS and the regional
and thematic network and committees; the HIC Board is supported by four
“offices” –operational structures in Delhi, Cairo, Mexico and Santiago. These
offices combine global, policy, regional and thematic functions, presenting an
organizational evolution. They represent a decentralized operational capacity
that may be enhanced to support a new form of global coordination.

general agreement was made among HIC bodies that after a 10-year operation in
Chile, the Coalition’s general coordination should move to a different location.

Therefore, the HIC Board is now making this open call
to HIC Members and Friends to identify candidates –individuals and/or
for a new Secretariat to begin its operations in January 2014, leaving 2013 as
a transition phase to design, implement and raise funds for a new HIC-GS.

The proposals to be submitted to the HIC Board must describe the
candidate’s background and qualifications related to the following requirements:

Knowledge of HIC and its mission, strategy, history,
activities and publications;

Ability to articulate civil society expressions through
a human rights focus while promoting gender equality and respect for Mother

Ability to coordinate between various HIC structures/offices
located in different locations around the world;

Strong language skills (speaking, writing and reading)
in English, Spanish and French (mandatory) / Arab, Hindi and Portuguese (desirable)

Experience in fundraising, planning, administration,
monitoring and evaluation of international projects and programs;

Support in management and administration;

Manage communication’s strategy and technologies.

further information, see the “Position Description of the
HIC General Secretariat

Proposals should respond to the requirements stated above the position
description below, and should include the following documents:

CV of the person and/or description of the

Letter of Intent.

Endorsement from at least seven HIC members or friends
from different regions.

The proposals are to be submitted to HIC Board at before January
the 15th, 2013.*

* Deadline for submission of candidates extended to March 15, 2013

— HIC Board / HIC-GS —

[1] Individual candidates must be part of an established
organization. An organization as candidate must dispose of one or more
full-time staff dedicated to the GS’ functions