Proyecto de contrucción de carretera en Lyari genera desalojos en Pakistan.

The latest information about the Lyari Expressway Project in Karachi, Pakistan is that its funding is coming from the Kuwait Development Fund. Affected by the said project are the homes of some 25,000 families. Already nearly 5,000 families have been evicted. Thousands of shops, schools, clinics, mosques and churches have been demolished. The resettlement site is very inadequate. The project has met opposition from a broad spectrum of Pakistani society, from the affected communities and families themselves to NGOs, other civil society organizations, a good part of the mass media, academics, and political parties. The justness of their cause has even been recognized by Pakistani courts, such as the Sindh High Court. Their opposition has elicited wide support from international civil society organizations. It is important that the Kuwait Development Fund observe international human rights law, in particular the right to adequate housing and the right to development as enuntiated by the UN. One way we can do this is to send letters, as many as possible, to KDF.