Rally planned on 14th february against the government in protest on violations of human rights in Bahrain

Dear HIC Members:

We are forwarding a message from HIC’s Member in Bahrain, where the World Urban Forum will take place in 2012. Also see links following the message by Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights below.


Estimados miembros de HIC ,

Encontraran abajo un mensaje (en Ingles) proveniente de Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (Sociedad de la Juventud de Bahréin para los Derechos Humanos) miembro de HIC de Bahréin, donde se realizara el Foro Urbano Mundial en 2012. También figuran algunos vínculos con más informaciones al final del mensaje.


Chères adhérentes, chers adhérents,

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous un message (en anglais) de l’adhérent de HIC Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights  (Société de la Jeunesse du Bahreïn pour des Droits de l`Homme) de Bahreïn, où le Forum Urbain Mondial aura lieu en 2012. En dessous de ce message vous trouverez plus d’informations en cliquant sur les liens.


Bahrain: Strike on 14 February 2011

Manama, 8 February 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, members of Habitat International Coalition

Best regards from Bahrain.

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) addresses this urgent letter to you about targeting and randomly suppressing a protest rally against the government.


Ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to inform you that a group of activists, patriotic figures and youth are planning to launch a rally against the government in protest on violations of human rights in Bahrain. The rally will start at Manama district on February 14, 2011.

BYSHR believes that Fighting Riot Forces (FRF) will attempt the protest randomly and will target participants by using rubber bullets and tear-gas. FRF use such weapons intensively against children, women, youth, and seniors.

We announce that we expect security attacks on the prospected peaceful rally. FRF has committed similar violations against participants in previous peaceful events calling for democracy, freedom, and justice in Bahrain. FRF is asserting on its role to fractionate the bones of participants and using sound bombs to disperse participants, in addition to random arrests and torture in detention centers.

Ladies and gentlemen,

BYSHR looks forward to your interest in following up the consequences of the rally on Monday, February 14. BYSHR calls upon you to move urgently to stop the expected acts of Bahraini Ministry of Interior, including detention and using FRF to suppress the peaceful rally.


Mohammed al-Maskati – President of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights

E-mail: info@byshr.org, eu-office@byshr.org

Mobile: +973 3 643-7088

Web: www.byshr.org


For more information on Bahrain issues go to the HIC-MENA website at:

http://www.hic-mena.org/pNewsId.asp?Id=1104 (Arabic)