Policies to reduce Homelessness among Women and Female Headed –Households

HIC, represented by Dr. Ifeyinwa Ofong from Women and Development in Nigeria and Member of the Women and Habitat Africa Working Group (WHAWG), presented to the United Nations Expert Group meeting on affordable housing and social protection systems for all, to address homelessness policies to reduse homelessness among women and female headed.

During her presentation, Dr. Ifeyinwa Ofong built on the objectives of this expert group meeting, which includes, a review of major drivers of homelessness, identifying the existing gaps and priority areas for interventions, as well as making specific policy recommendations on effective housing and social protection policies to address homelessness in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Presentation-Women and Affordable housing

Homelessness refers to a person who do not have a place to call home. The word “homelessness” also includes people who sleep in warming centers, homeless shelters, or in abandoned buildings, parking garages, or other places not meant for humans to live in.

There are different reasons why people become homeless in the first place, so also are the challenges and effects of homelessness on individuals and societies.

The presentation attempted to highlight the following issues:

  1. The drivers of homelessness among women and female headed households and the challenges faced by them.
  2. How we can ensure that women and female headed households have access to affordable housing.
  3. Policies and measures to reduce homelessness among women and female-headed Households