The Building and Social Housing Foundation is organising a Study Visit to BLACD Housing Programme in Minia, Egypt

Study Visit to BLACD Housing Programme in Minia, Egypt  
An international study visit will take place from 6th – 12th November 2011 to see the work of the Local Housing Movement Program in Minia, Egypt.

What is the Local Housing Movement Program?

The Local Housing Movement Program is run by an Egyptian NGO, the Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development (BLACD). Established in 1995, BLACD takes a rights-based approach to improving the quality of life for the poor and marginalised in the Minia governorate.

The Local Housing Movement Program operates in three main villages and several small affiliated villages, surrounded by the River Nile from the west and the Eastern Desert from the east.

To date, housing has been improved for nearly 1,000 families and potable water and latrines provided for over 5,900 families.

Activities aim to empower local communities by improving livelihoods and health, reducing pollution, and encouraging and supporting them to organise around their own needs and rights, including with respect to land tenure. … more

What is the purpose of the visit?

The purpose of the visit is to provide an in-depth understanding of the practical techniques, training methods and project management approaches used by BLACD.

Intensive site visits form a major part of the study visit, providing an opportunity to study all aspects of the programme and to meet those responsible for its success.

Who can apply to take part in the visit?

BSHF welcomes applications from people working in the field of housing including those in international organisations, national, regional or local government, NGOs, civil society or community-based organisations, who could apply the approaches used by BLACD in their own work, or otherwise assist with the international transfer of these approaches.

Please note, there is no conference fee for the visit and all food, accommodation and internal travel costs will be met by BSHF for the duration of the visit. Limited bursary funds are available for those requiring financial assistance with international travel costs.

The closing date for receiving all applications is Monday 27th June 2011.

To apply online, please click here