Videos. HIC General Assembly 2016

HIC-GA started with a greeting by HIC Wisdom Keepers Enrique Ortiz,
Barry Pinsky and Ana Sugranyes. This was followed by the presentation of
several reports from HIC Presidency, Reference Centers and General Secretariat,
as well as HIC members’ initiatives, HIC’s actions in Quito and the discussion
of a joint declaration.

This joint Statement on Habitat III expresses
the commitment of HIC members to remain endeavoured to work towards a fairer
world and vigilant on any setbacks on Human Rights obligations implementation.
HIC members, friends and allies are in Quito inspired and committed in the
defense of a Habitat Agenda with good governance and human rights as backbone
to guide and support Human rights global policies and its corresponding
obligations to deal with current Habitat challenges.

The General
Assembly closed remembering and honoring those who are no longer with us and
played an important role in HIC’s forty years of struggles and proposals in the
field of rights related to Habitat. It was also the time to celebrate the 40th
anniversary of the Coalition with an eye to the future without forgetting the
past experience.

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