Activities registration for polycentric WSF 2006: deadline is November 30th!

By November 7th, over 2.000 organisations had already registered on the specific website for activities registration. However, only 700 activities were registered by that time; among those, over 500 were only for the Caracas event. It is very important that the organisations do not register their self organised activity(ies) at the last minute since it is very common that the system becomes slow and unstable due to excessive access.

Below, you will find detailed information on how to register a self organised activity:

a) Register as an individual (
b) Right after, register your organisation
c) After, you will be able to fill in a form about the activity(ies) your organisation will hold on WSF events (options Bamako, Caracas or Karachi) or for the process (option “General”). In order to do that, right after you register your organisation, click on the menu on the left in “Add activities”. After that, fill the form with the required information.
d) If your organisation doesn’t have all the activity(ies) information needed, you may return to the form afterwards and update it. In order to do so, click on “Edit activities”. Right after, see on the board the activity title that you want to modify and click on “Edit”. Make all the modifications and then click “Submit”, at the end of the page.

Attention: you must modify the form using the same language you filled in the original form. That means: if you have chosen the English interface in your registration, every time you change something you must choose the English interface.

For any query about the registration of activities, write to the email or get in touch with the WSF office in Sao Paulo. Before that, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Please, note that organisations’ delegates, individual and volunteers registration are not open yet. That registration should be done in each polycentric WSF event website, which are under construction: Caracas (, Bamako ( or Karachi ( The tool is only for activities registration and preparation.

Polycentric WSF 2006 events contacts:

Bamako (Mali)

Caracas (Venezuela)

Karachi (Pakistan)

Declaración del Encuentro Internacional por Ciudades Igualitarias

Declaración del Encuentro Internacional por Ciudades Igualitarias

En el marco del U20, organizaciones sociales, movimientos populares, redes de la sociedad civil, integrantes de la academia y autoridades locales comprometidas con la igualdad, los derechos humanos y la sustentabilidad se reunieron en Buenos Aires para proponer un compromiso común por Ciudades Igualitarias.

A un año de los sismos: el proyecto de Reconstrucción Integral y Social del Hábitat en el Istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca

A un año de los sismos: el proyecto de Reconstrucción Integral y Social del Hábitat en el Istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca

El 7 de septiembre de 2017 un sismo con magnitud de 8.2 con epicentro en Chiapas, afectó gravemente comunidades de ese estado, así como de Oaxaca. En el segundo caso, los principales daños ocurrieron en el Istmo de Tehuantepec, Ixtaltepec, Juchitan, Ixtepec y muchas de las comunidades Binnizá (Zapotecas) e Ikoot (Huaves) fueron seriamente afectadas. El 23 de septiembre del mismo año, un nuevo sismo de magnitud 6.3 con epicentro en Ixtepec agravó el problema.