Boycott Istanbul 2020

September 2013

Esteemed Members of the International Olympic Commitee;

This is a call from Istanbullites agonized by the ecocide and urban apartheid the city is being drawn into through mega construction and transportation projects which are expected to be accelerated under the guise of constructions for the infrastructures of Summer Olympics 2020 if Istanbul is selected as the host city.

This is a cry not solely of the citizens of Istanbul but of its ecological and natural integrity areas, of its cultural and historic assets, of its endemic plants and wildlife as well. This is a legitimate call to avert the decease of an ages old city pushed into ecological and social unsustainability and insecurity.

This is a call from more than 2 million families from settled neighbourhoods who will be faced with forced evictions and demolishments.

This is a call from a city under the imminent threat of an expected earthquake, whose governments play the ‘’last days of Pompei” with their mega transportation and mega construction projects ratherthan investing in the security of the city.
We believe that our call will not be turned down.

Boycott Istanbul 2020 

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