Extended deadline for the registration of organizations and activities in the WSF 2009

WSF Bulletin

November 2nd 2008


1) Extended deadline for the registration of organizations and activities in the WSF 2009
a) How to register organisations
b) How to present self-managed activities
c) Facilitation and convergence process
2) Problems with registration number and password
3) Deadline extended to apply for stands at the institutional fair

1) Extended deadline for the registration of organizations and activities in the WSF 2009

The WSF 2009 will happen from January 27th to February 1st 2009 in Belem (state of Para, Brazil) with hundreds of self-organized activities, proposed by civil society organizations from around the world.

The new deadline for registration of organizations willing to attend the WSF 2009 in Belem is November 14th. In this first stage, only organizations, networks and movements of civil society are invited to register. Soon it’ll also be possible to register individual participants, media professionals and cultural activities, as well as decentralized activities for Belem Expanded.

The registration should be made through http://inscricoes.fsm2009amazonia.org.br website. While registering, the participant organisation can also present one or more self-managed activities for the WSF 2009. Organisations registered until November 14th can be present or modify their self-managed activities until November 30th.

Organizations may submit up to four shifts of activity for the WSF 2009. Each shift is a period of three hours (8:30 a.m.-11h30, 12h-15h00 and 15h30-18h30) during the Forum dates. The organization may submit up to four different activities that least one shift each, or distribute the time on a smaller number of activities with more than one shift.

1-a) How to register organisations (until November 14)

1) Visit the site – http://inscricoes.fsm2009amazonia.org.br/

2) Click “New Registration”

3) Fill out the registration form with your organization data (the fields marked with * are required)

4) Enter the security code that appears in the picture at the end of the form and click “Save”

5) On the next screen, confirm your data. You will have access to a menu where you can register your activities, enter or change the names of your organisation’s participants in WSF 2009, and see the your registration fee (variable according to the number of delegates you register)

6) You will receive an email with your registration number and your password. Both numbers are required to access the registration site further. Using this numbers you can return to your registration page, change your organisation data, the number of participants who will be in Belem, add or modify activities and also access the payment system (which will be available soon).

NOTE: About the participants – while filling the form with data of your organization, you’ll be asked how many participants of your organisation will attend to Belem forum. The number of participants will determine the value of your registration fee. After your payment confirmation, you’ll also be able to enter the names of your delegates in the Participants area of the registration site.

1-b) How to present self-managed activities (until November 14)

Once you sign up your organization (item A), you can register the self-managed activities proposed by your organisation for the WSF 2009 in Belem (after completing your organisation’s form for the first time, you will be automatically taken to the activities registration page).

1) Go to the “self-mananged Activities” and click “Propose Activity.”

2) Carefully read the instructions and fill out the activities form.

3) Click “Save”

If you want to modify your activity information or wish to register it later, you should make your login in the registration site using the number and password provided by email (ITEM A-6).

The activities registered can be modified/edited until November 30th.

1-c) Facilitation and convergence process

The World Social Forum is a space of meeting and convergence of social movements and civil society organisations. It is therefore a collective space for the building of alternatives and strengthening of partnerships and networks towards another possible world.

Organizations participating in the WSF 2009 are invited and encouraged to seek partners for convergence, agglutination and any kind of interchange. You can look for partners among the activities that will happen in Belem, as well as the decentralized activities of Belem Expanded that will happen around the world.

A group of facilitators will support this process by providing lists of entities, suggesting the integration of similar or complementary activities and promoting communication between the various participants of the WSF. However, the participants are also strongly encouraged to search for partners and promote the convergence process by themselves.

To find a list of activities already registered in WSF 2009, please visit the address http://inscricoes.fsm2009amazonia.org.br/content/index.php?page=consulta_pub# . In this address you can find also a list of participant organizations and their contact information. Soon it will also be available the list of Belem Expanded decentralized activities.

Visit the address above and see whether you can make any kind of convergence with other registered organisation. If you wish to change your registered activity to include information about your partner activity, visit the registration system as explained in item B.

2) Problems with registration number and password

Some organizations reported problems receiving the password to access the registration system. The password is provided by email (along with the registration number) when you complete your organisation’s registration. This problem was reported to system administrators and the was already solved.

If you still didn’t received the email with your password and registration number, please report the problem to inscricao@fsm2009amazonia.org.br in order to receive another password.

Do not forget to mention the organisation name and the email address of the contact person responsible for your registration (the same you provided when filling the form on item 1-A). If possible, please inform also the registration number (which appears by the end of the organisation’s registration).

Before contacting support, make sure the email with the password was not blocked by a junk mail filter (anti-spam) and pay attention to fill properly the email address of your organisation’s contact person.

3) Deadline extended to apply for stands at the institutional fair

Requests of stands for the WSF 2009 institutional fair can now be made until November 30th.

Organizations or networks interested in using a physical space for meeting points, exhibition and campaigns during the WSF 2009 should fill the specific form available in http://www.fsm2009amazonia.org.br/registration/stands . The form should be sent to estande@fsm2009amazonia.org.br

All requests for stands will be reviewed by the Facilitation Group of the WSF 2009. The availability of space will be informed until December 15th. Each organization can request a maximum of three (3) basic units. Each basic unit measuring 4 square meteres costs R$ 720,00.

More information directly on the form.

WSF Office – Brazil
Address: Rua General Jardim, 660, 7th floor, So Paulo – SP- Brasil, Zip Code: 01223-010
email: escritorio(at)forumsocialmundial.org.br
Website: www.forumsocialmundial.org.br

WSF 2009 Office – Belem
Address: Rua Presidente Pernambuco S/N, Belem – PA – Brasil, Zip Code: 66823-010
email: escritorio(at)fsm2009amazonia.org.br
Phone: +55-91-3222-8530
Website: www.fsm2009amazonia.org.br

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