Latest updates for HIC in Naples

Accommodation in Naples
There are still some beds available in the
hostels HIC has reserved for participants in the activities in Naples. If you would
like to stay with the HIC delegation, please contact as soon as possible!

Proxy for the HIC General Assembly
If you are a paid HIC member and will not be
present for the General Assembly on September 2 in Naples, you can still exercise
your right to vote by giving proxy to another paid HIC member. Please download and complete
the proxy form
and send it back to

More information
Remember to visit the HIC in Naples blog on a regular
basis for important updates on the Coalition’s program of events and for details
of local logistics in Naples.

Alto al genocidio contra el pueblo palestino

Alto al genocidio contra el pueblo palestino

Declaración de HIC-HLRN: Los Estados deben actuar por la paz en Palestina, con justicia y sin sionismo Esta declaración actualiza y revisa la Declaración de HIC de 23 de octubre [...]