World Day of Action Against Dams and for Rivers, 14 March 2012

 News of the collaborative work that WITNESS and HIC-Latin America have been engaged in for the past year in Mexico, relating to forced evictions due to the construction of dams:


Mexico Training on Forced Eviction


Forced Eviction in the Name of Development


Stopping the Construction of a Dam to Prevent your Home from Being Flooded


Act Now to Stop the Eviction of 25,000 People in Mexico


43 Oaxacan communities are at risk from the hydroelectric dam Paso de la Reina


Mexico: Using Video to Fight the Threat of Forced Eviction (Spanish with English subtitles)


This history and collaboration do not end here. This 14 March we want to reinforce our commitment to these communities and to their struggles that aim to end the destruction and suffering that are caused by the construction of dams.


To learn more about how to use video to strengthen your own human rights struggles, take a look at these training videos from WITNESS and download their book Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism.