2015 Presidential Election: closure of nomination step

Dear Members of Habitat International Coalition (HIC),

Receive the warm regards from Electoral Committee (EC)

With the purpose of ensuring a democratic and transparent
process, as extensive and plural as possible, the Electoral Committee is
informing that the Nomination step of the Presidential election 2015-2019 has
successfully completed on July 24th2015.

According to the requirements of the HIC
Constitution (
http://www.hic-gs.org/document.php?pid=4795) and the Habitat International Coalition
(HIC) By Law – First part 
(http://www.hic-gs.org/document.php?pid=5725), after a careful analysis of the
nominations received by HIC members with the right to nominate, we are glad to
report the following:

We have received, within the deadline specified in the
Electoral Schedule, the nomination of two (2) persons for the position of HIC

– Mrs. Lorena Zárate of FOSOVI (Mexico), nominated by
five (5) HIC Members in good standing.

– Mr. Issa Samander of The Wall Committee/Popular
Development Center (Palestine) nominated by four (4) HIC Members in good

We inform all HIC members that Mrs. Lorena Zárate’s nomination was declared
valid and in conformity with the HIC By-Law‘s Articles 21 and 22 while the
Electoral Committee could not validate Mr. Issa Samander’s nomination for
failing to comply with article 22 of HIC-By Law.

We congratulate Mrs. Lorena Zarate and thank Mr. Issa
Samander for his interest in participating to the Electoral Process.

As soon as EC receives Lorena Zarate’s documents, all
will be translated and published on the HIC websites and Blog for Election. She
will then be allowed to campaign).

We remind you that only HIC Members in good
standing will have the right to vote. We invite you to check your status here,
 and encourage HIC members that must activate membership to renew their
contributions. Deadline for reception of documented in-kind contributions in
the Member Space is
September 10th. Deadline for reception of
Membership fees is September 24th. For further information, please
contact marie at marie@hic-net.org.

Please check frequently the Election blog on: https://hicpresident2015.wordpress.com/ which will include
all the relevant information and documents about the candidate and post your
comments directly at the bottom of any page in the blog, clicking on “Leave a


Mr. Mo Adam

On behalf of Electoral Committee:
Mrs. Paola Bagnera, Mr. Khadim Dahot, Mr.
David Barrientos, Mr. Yves Joël Zoffoun, Mr. Esteban Torres

Email: ec-president2015@hic-net.org