Ahwazi Arabs teenager only 15 year-old killed (shooted) by the Iranian security guard in Ahwaz capital city

Mr. Morteza
Swedi 15 year-old killed by the Iranians security guard on Friday 12/04/2013 in
Joniba (Sayed Mousa) district in Ahwaz capital city of AL-Ahwaz.

Mr. Adil Swedi the political activities
and the relative of the martyr Mr. Morteza Swedi reported that Mr. Morteza 15
year-old shouted by the Iranian security guard on the head.

The Iranian security guard attacked Mr.Swedi’s family on Friday regarding
to demolish their houses, and preparing to build new settlements for Persian
new comers, in ideas of changing the demographic of the land. However, Mr. Morteza
Swedi did not allow the guard to destroy the family houses. Therefore, one of
the Iranian services who called Mr. Chabok Savar around 50 year-old shouted
lively and caused Mr. Morteza to die.

In addition, the security guard arrested
two members of Swedi’s family, and they have not also given the body to their

Therefore, the family of Mr. Morteza
Swedi and Mr. Adil Swedi has asked Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to put Iran under pressure
to free two members of their family and give back the body of Morteza to his
family, and also put Iran under pressure to investigate the reason of killing
Morteza by the security guard.

Considerable number ofAhwazi human rights activities demand
that the International community can play massive role in ending the treatment
in Ahwaz and help Ahwazi movement for better future.


The Iranian authorities usually destroy
houses of Ahwazi household in throughout of Al-Ahwaz without paying any payment
to buy or rent another houses. Therefore, these treatments always make Ahwazi
Arab to feel unhappy with the Iranian regime policy.

The Iranian authorities have built
several settlements in Ahwaz to change the demographic of the land. Due to the
Iranian invader policy, large numbers of Arabs live in ghettos and segregation,
and also isolated by the Iranian regime. Millions of Arabs live under poverty
line and cannot access job opportunities despite all the opportunities belong
to their land.