Ayse Pamuk International Affordable Housing Image Collection

Ayse Pamuk is a professor of Urban Studies and Planning at
San Francisco State University. Herimage collection provides a
comparative, international perspective of affordable housing and urban
transformation. The speed of urban transformation in cities under
globalization is having profound impact on human settlements. Affordable
housing has emerged as an important public policy issue worldwide. This
collection provides a visual look at housing built by the private sector
(formal and informal), the non-profit sector, and the government, primarily for
low-income households. It focuses on housing form in the realm of City and
Regional Planning. The images in this collection were taken on
numerous field trips, research projects and excursions to a great variety of
sites of scholarly interest, during the mid 1980’s to the mid 2000’s.
They demonstrate the commonalities and differences in human
aspirations, housing conditions, and the role of planning institutions in
shaping human settlements in six countries: United States, Turkey, Brazil,
Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden, and Canada.

Find the link to the collections here.