Call for Electoral Committee volunteers for the election of HIC Board representatives in North America

The term of
HIC Board representative Nick Volk and alternate Anita Beaty from North America
expired at the end of December 2011. HIC has begun a process to elect new
representatives from North America (which will now include Anglophone countries
from the Caribbean) for a four-year term (March 2013 to February 2017).

election process will conclude with the election of 1 representative and 1
alternate of the opposite gender, and will be conducted by an Electoral
Committee comprised of at least 3 member representatives from North America who
are not themselves candidates in the election.

This is a
call for volunteers to form the Electoral Committee and carry out the election
process with the support of the HIC General Secretariat. Any Member or Friend
from the North America or Caribbean region willing to volunteer for this
committee should contact Marie at HIC General Secretariat ( urgently.