Electoral Committee announces the HIC Presidential Election results

Bogotá 02-08-2007

According to the electoral calendar, the voting phase of the HIC Presidential Elections is over and this is the final report of the Electoral Committee.

1. According with the information provided by the Secretariat we have in this HIC Presidential Election 67 members with the right to vote.

2. We have 23 valid votes.

3. The results are: 17 votes in favour of Mr. Davinder Lamba

6 votes in blank

4. Two late votes were received, and three organizations voted without having theright to vote”. Late votes, and votes without having the right to vote are invalid votes.

5. 23 valid votes is a quorum over the 10% of the eligible voting members, so we can certify the validity of the process, under the Guidelines for Electoral Processes.

6. According to the results Mr. Davinder Lamba in the new HIC President.

Best Wishes

Alejandro Florian B.

HIC Electoral Committee President