(ENG) Sing together – Housing for All!

Local chilean band Picnic Kibun composed a jingle for the World Social Forum specifically on housing and land right themes.

You can listen to the song by clicking here. (if you’d like to download it, press the right hand button of your mouse and click “save as…”)


It’s about the right to the city,
it’s so pretty, it’s my city
It’s about equality,
Dignity of human beings.
It’s about responsibility,
accountability, solidarity.
It’s about the right to land,
water and sand, it’s my land

Let’s say it together, repeat it again,
if we do it together it’s not too hard.

It’s our land and it belongs to us.
Take my hand, take my hand.
It’s our land and it belongs to us.
Take a stand, take a stand.

A just city is a safe city,
and a just city is a warm one.
Unfortunately the reality urban socially a cold one.

Another world is possible.