(ENG) Update from Atlanta – Tenants Under Fire

Much of the leadership of our local organizing committee is supportive of our Mayor, who is PAVING the way for privatizing all the rest of our public (“social”) housing in Atlanta. She and the President of City Council are owned by the largest developer in the region and one of the largest in the US. Much of the old civil rights leadership is also compromised in this way. The young and new leadership bubbling up are the only hope for Atlanta and much of this country. Privatization and conflicts of interest as well as downright fraud are the way of business in Atlanta and in much of this country now.

The 250+ acres of land occupied by 3,200 family housing units housing 9,600 people is the target for development around the proposed “beltline” around Atlanta. The housing was originally located outside the downtown area because of white prejudice (the huge majority of residents of public housing are African American, single mothers because their husbands/partners are now allowed on their leases.

Last night dozens of armed police invaded Bowen Homes, the largest of the remaining public housing communities in Atlanta, raided apartments and arrested people, without warrants and without probably cause, saying it is a crime-ridden area. They surrounded the home of the resident leader, Ms. Shirley Hightower, who speaks out constantly. She is the leader we organize around.

These are civil and human rights being violated at the same time that housing is being stolen from the people.

PLEASE publicize.

Anita Beaty
Task Force for the Homeless
National Coalition for the Homeless
HIC Board Alternate

“Apathy, in the face of relievable human misery, is radical evil.”
Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy