State of the world Conference

State of the World 2022 – Online Global Conference

TNI invites you to their first ever State of the World conference – an exciting opportunity to hear some of the best scholar activists worldwide with a truly internationalist analysis of the state of the world.

Our world is in a state of flux and crisis. The pandemic exposed the deep injustice of our economic and social system, but failed to trigger needed change. More than 2 years on, the health crisis continues, compounded by spiralling food and energy prices, escalating wars and geopolitical tensions, and ever more signs of environmental collapse. Worldwide, anger at political leaders’ failures to address these crises is seething and could explode in coming months.

How are we to make sense of this moment? What does it mean for activists and social movements? What are the challenges we must confront and the opportunities we must seize?

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The conference aims to start to answer those questions and address some of the key issues of our time, such as the implications of digitalisation, the important choices involved in transforming our energy system, and the need for convincing alternatives to the rise of racist populist authoritarianism.

Exciting speakers from across the globe, including Walden Bello, Kate Raworth and others with brilliant analysis and areas of expertise and experience. The conference will run over 4 days (14-17 Sept) with 2 sessions a day, scheduled to maximise participation from different areas of the globe. It will be held with simultaneous interpretation in both English and Spanish.

Our conference is ticketed. To make it accessible for as many people as possible we have a sliding scale pricing structure, including a free option, based on capacity to pay. One ticket gives you access to all sessions.

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