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Why are collaborative housing models needed today?

Our President Adriana Allen joined the opening of the Collaborative Housing Day at the Third Int …

Insights from the Coalition


Perspectives de la coalition : Conversation avec Somsook Boonyabancha, directrice exécutive de la Coalition asiatique pour le droit au logement (Asian Housing Rights Coalition)

Somsook Boonyabancha, fondatrice et directrice exécutif de la Coalition asiatique pour le droit …

Panoramic view of the different waves of settlements occupying the slopes in JCM. Source: Photo by Adriana Allen


New paper by Adriana Allen: Navigating stigma through everyday city-making: Gendered trajectories, politics and outcomes in the periphery of Lima

New Special Issue paper by HIC President Adriana Allen: ‘Navigating stigma through everyda …


Co-producing knowledge for an equitable and sustainable future

15 years activating environmental justice through translocal learning alliances across Mumbai, Ac …


Sanitation is more than just toilets and women are more than just sanitation users

  Here are some highlights from the work of our President on advancing just sanitation from …