HIC President Election: Extension of deadline for closing date of the voters list

Communication N° 05/CE-HIC-2011

To: HIC Members
SUBJECT: Extension of deadline for closing
date of the voters list
DATE: 08/27/2011

Dear Members of Habitat International Coalition (HIC),

Receive the warm regards of the Electoral Committee (EC) members that are conducting
the process for the elections of the next HIC President for the 2011-2015

The members of the EC have approved 1 (one) week extension of the deadline for closing
date of the voters list. Consequently the new
deadline for closure is Wednesday August 31st, 2011

We remind you that, for requirements of the HIC
Presidential and Board Election and Representation By-law (2008), only
organization members in good standing will have the right to vote. For
membership fees concerns, please contact Marie at the HIC-GS (

Therefore, we now call on HIC
Members that do not have the right to vote to renew their membership in order
to participate in this electoral process. The debate has been launched and we
invite you to review the comments on the Blog of Elections and post your opinion.

Each of the two candidates has
a separate page for his-her campaign.

Please consult the pages: Candidate
Davinder Lamba
and Candidate
Lorena Zárate

If you need to contact us,
send us a message to our email that has been specially created for the matter
of the President Election: ec-president2011@hic-net.org.

Post your comments and suggestions directly at the bottom of any page of the
Election Blog: http://president2011.hic-net.org.

Every change or modification of the electoral process (including the need to
postpone the deadlines of the present calendar) will be informed by the EC,
after submission to the General Secretariat.


Ramiro García

Electoral Committee
Mrs. Shivani Bhardwaj
Mr. Abu Rayhan Albeeroonee
Mr. Abdul Hamid Slatch
Ms. Rajaa’ Kassab
Mr. Franck Olivier Kouame
Email: ec-president2011@hic-net.org