Lyari Expressway in Pakistan: Violence and Evictions

However, opponents maintain that the development of the road will not only displace thousands of people and affect 50 communities but also only add to the traffic and congestion problems in the city. Additionally, it is expected that up to 100,000 children will be deprived of education as several schools will also be demolished. Since the demolitions by the Karachi City Government began, surveys report approximately 10,000 houses and 3,100 commercial buildings have been destroyed.

The Sindh High Court too has taken cognizance of the blatant violations of constitutional fundamental rights as a consequence of this project and at the moment is hearing a constitutional petition filed by prominent political parties and non-governmental organizations of Pakistan. The city’s actions have also been met with regular protests by the victims as well as social activists. As a result, violence and intimidation by city officials and police officers has often ensued.