Proposals for the operation of the Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee is formed by:
    1. Enrique Ortiz (President HIC-AL)
    2. Na Hyo Woo (Philippines, Asia)
    3. Michael Kane (North America, USA)
    4. Joseph Schechla (Housing and Land Rights Network, Egypt)
    5. Maite Martínez (Women and Shelter Network, Vicepresident, Europe)
    6. Khady Diagne (Habitat and Sustainable Environment, Africa)

  1. Task of the Executive Committee
    1. Support the GS:

1. Plan the agendas for the Board Meetings and General Assemblies

2. Implement decision of the Board

3. Formulate proposals and recommendations to the Board

4. Support the operative management effectively

5. Reinforce the information and transparency of the decisions and activities

6. take decisions or emergency topics –en the limits allowed by the HIC Constitution, by-laws and codes.

    1. The Executive Committee does not substitute or is independent from the Board

  1. Some rules for operation

    1. The GS can submit to the Executive Committee consultations to be delivered by electronic means for operative topics related with the implementation of the Board Decisions.
    2. Regular consultations, with an answer period of 7 to 10 days
    3. Emergency consultations, with an answer lapse of 2 – 3 days
    4. GS may organize meetings using chat, teleconference or other available resources (video)

  1. Information
    1. The decisions of the Executive Committee have to be informed to all the Board.