Settlements to be Evacuated in the Gaza Strip

Source: Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights

Israel’s announcement of its intention to unilaterally disengage from the Gaza Strip has stimulated debate about the details of the settlements to be evacuated. Information from various sources about these settlements, which have been sponsored and supported by successive Israeli governments in violation of international law, is frequently patchy and even contradictory. Al Mezan’s fieldwork unit has thus conducted primary research on the existing settlements slated for evacuation.

There are 21 Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip. However, some of them were built during the current intifada and are not recognized by the Israeli government as full settlements, while others began as mere outposts and developed into full settlements.
The existing settlements are mainly located in two major blocs, one in the north of the Gaza Strip and the other in the south. There are three settlements that are isolated from the two blocs; Netzarim, Kfar Darom and Morag.

The map locates the 21 settlements and gives their names and some information on their histories and populations. The figures for populations are necessarily rough, as it is near impossible to obtain accurate population figures for the settlements.

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