Tsunami News from Asia’s Urban Poor Networks

The tsunami that hit SE Asia, Sri Lanka, India and islands in the Indian Ocean caused a disaster of enormous proportions. Latest news indicates 100,000 people have died and millions are displaced or homeless. The U.N. says five million people have been left without basic survival essentials. Find updates from our friends in Asia – from the urban poor community networks and supporters in: http://www.achr.net/Tsunami.htm

Tsunami Tragedy Mobilises Urban Poor Networks in Asia

In face of such devastation, it is easy to despair. But worse will follow if all of us around the world do not mobilise to act quickly to stop a second wave of (preventable) disasters. Aid agencies warn, for example, that the surge of seawater is likely to have damaged the water supplies in many of these countries, and that outbreaks of water-borne diseases due to contaminated water are now likely to be the biggest threat to human health. Another defeat is long-term relief and reconstruction of human settlements and vital infrastructure: sanitation, water, electricity and public services have been wiped out.

You can support international agencies and local networks that are working in relief, community organization and reconstruction of human settlements.. For a list of NGOs responding to S Asian quake/tsunamis [see more]

We are in touch with our friends in the affected regions, joining hands with local groups to raise money and supplies for the affected people. If anyone is interested in contributing towards this, please contact:
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, ACHR
HLRN-South Asia Regional Program, SARP