Violent evictions are currently underway in Santa Filomena (Amadora, Portugal)

The municipality of Amadora has sent a large police deployment to Santa Filomena neighbourhood and is evicting families without offering any alternative whatsoever. The people who have lost their house today or will lose it in the next hours include many elderly people, people with severe health problems and many children. The municipality’s action shows no respect whatsoever towards human dignity nor any sign of responsability in ensuring the protection of these families. These families have very low income and cannot access the free housing market. What the municipality of Amadora is doing endangers and threatens people’s lives and is a clear violation of fundamental human rights.

Amadora municipality is blatantly lying when they say they analysed the cases and offered alternatives to the families. The only alternative the families were offered is the street, by fair means or foul.

The Commission of Residents of Santa Filomena and Colectivo Habita condemn these actions and will keep fighting and denouncing what they garantee is a violation of human rights.


Colectivo Habita: Rita Silva 966035893

Commission of Residents: Eurico Cangumbi 927737710