2011 HIC President Election



The current term of the HIC President will expire in a few months. The next four-year term will run from 2011 through 2015. The ongoing election process is being coordinated by the Electoral Committee composed of 6 volunteers:

Mrs. Shivani Bhardwaj
Organization: Sathi All for Partnership – India

Mr. Abu Rayhan Albeeroonee
Organization: Shelter for the Poor – Bangladesh

Mr. Ramiro García (Coordinator)
Organization: Centro de Estudios y Promoción de Desarrollo – Peru

Mr. Abdul Hamid Slatch
Organization: Young Muslim Association – Kenya

Ms. Rajaa’ Kassab
Organization: Right to Water Forum in Arab Region – Morroco

Mr. Franck Olivier Kouame
Organization: Collectif Interafricain des Habitants – Cameroon

A blog has been created to support the process. Information and HIC documents are already available. You will also find a first tentative schedule for the electoral process elaborated by HIC-GS to be reviewed and adjusted by the EC. Soon all of the communications referring to the election of the HIC President will be online. Please review the blog at http://president2011.hic-net.org/

We remind you that following the requirements set out in the HIC Presidential and Board Election and Representation By-law (2008), only organization members in good standing will have the right to nominate candidates and vote.  For membership fee concerns, please contact Marie at the HIC-GS (marie@hic-net.org).

We welcome the Electoral Committee members!