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About me

Grace Chikumo – Mtonga,

HIC President 2024-2028

Grace has worked with a wide range of community based organisations and Non – governmental organisations. She has coordinated lobby and advocacy programmes for housing networks and facilitated linkages with other service providers in an effort to contribute towards equitable access to housing, land and social amenities by the vulnerable and marginalized groups in Zambia. Capacity building to grassroots organisations has been an integral part of the programmes she has been involved, supporting popular processes, aimed at skills building for individuals and organisations. This has empowered vulnerable communities to demand for the realization of their right to housing and land. These experiences come after an impressive academic record in land and housing rights studies.


Her personal objective is to contribute towards the creation of a just society where people have access to secure land tenure, adequate shelter & related services, including improved livelihoods through enhanced financial literacy & interpersonal development skills.

About me

Guillermo Javier Marzioni

HIC Vicepresident 2024-2028

Since 1988 Guillermo has worked in development planning, housing and habitat at the University, in Social Organizations and the State in the execution of actions with territorial groups of inhabitants, in the field of land rights, land regularization, housing improvements, construction of neighbourhoods, community services and public infrastructure, design and evaluation of policies.

Guillermo has also been very involved in Housing Cooperatives. He has a strong approach to community work with the people of rural areas in productive undertakings and community radio stations.  He works on alternative technologies, participatory design and diagnosis on issues of labor, land, food and gender, on housing and community space improvement, and on supporting popular processes of “union and social parity”.

His pedagogical work based on the workshop methodology, includes popular knowledge in the production of Habitat. Guillermo’s academic background includes a degree in Architecture and Master in Habitat and Housing at the National University of Mar del Plata.

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