Result of HIC President 2024-2028 Election


Dear HIC Members, Friends and Partners,

The Electoral Committee is pleased to inform the result of HIC Presidential Election process that took place between 28 August 2023 and 20 December 2023.

According to the information provided by the General Secretariat, 89 Members had the right to vote for the Election of the HIC President 2024-2028.

We received a total of 70 votes, from which 68 were valid: 1 organization sent its vote after the deadline stated in the Electoral Calendar and another vote was issued by an organization that was not on the Roster of Voters. As such, these 2 votes are considered invalid.

The final results are:

  • 35 votes in favor of Grace Chikumo Mtonga
  • 32 votes in favor of Guillermo Javier Marzioni
  • 1 abstention
  • 2 invalid votes
  • 0 blank vote

The votes’ breakdown by region is the following: Africa: 17, Asia: 1, Europe: 8, Latin America/Caribbean: 29, Middle East/North Africa: 12, North America/Canada: 3.

The total 69 votes among the 89 Members with right to vote represent the participation of 77% of the eligible voting Members, the quorum being over the minimum 10% established by the HIC By Law.

We certify the validity of this electoral process, as described in the HIC By-Law.

According to these results, Mrs. Grace Chikumo Mtonga is the HIC President for the 2024-2028 mandate.

Yolande Hendler, HIC Secretary General and Efemena, Meena, Pascale, Ahmed, Edgar and Hilary, the Electoral Committee Members congratulate Grace and Guillermo for their participation in this process and thank the HIC Members for their contribution in the election!

A warm welcome to Mrs. Grace Chikumo Mtonga to HIC Presidency!

Best regards,

The Electoral Committee:
Hilary Zhou (Coordinator)
Ahmed Sourani, Edgar Ramírez, Efenema Ozugha, Meena Menon, Pascale Thys

Call to vote for HIC President 2024-2028

Call to vote for HIC President 2024-2028

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