Towards the articulation of proposals and actors in Latin America’s popular neighbourhoods


On 23 June, the HIC Regional Office for Latin America presented the conclusions of the Campaign “Our Neighbourhoods, Our Rights, Our Cities”, a regional campaign made up of more than 60 organisations and networks from all over the region to strengthen or create spaces for the articulation and participation of organisations and inhabitants of working class neighbourhoods.

The event, entitled “The importance of socio-urban integration from the territories: Towards the articulation of proposals and actors of the popular neighbourhoods of Latin America” was attended by 150 people, and gave birth to the Collective Document of Demands and Proposals of the campaign, signed by more than 60 organisations to decision-makers, funding agencies and United Nations bodies.

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Encourage multi-stakeholder dialogue to generate agreements and commitments.

One of the objectives of the campaign has been to generate this dialogue and articulation between the inhabitants of poor neighbourhoods and those who make decisions and finance neighbourhood improvement. In this sense, the session included a wide diversity of key actors to ensure that the voice of slum dwellers is heard in the definition of public policies and programmes aimed at improving their homes and neighbourhoods.

A Campaign for the Improvement of Neighbourhoods and Low Income Housing in Latin America

The campaign is based on the belief in collective strength and the need to create linkages across the region to fight for neighbourhood upgrading and socio-urban integration of popular settlements and neighbourhoods.

The initiative seeks to build on existing long-standing local actions, driven by residents, organisations, academics and academics, in the defence of neighbourhood upgrading and low-income housing in Latin America.

A long-running campaign to strengthen strategic work, articulating in regional terms.