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Adriana Allen

Adriana Allen is Professor of Development Planning and Urban Sustainability at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit at University College London, where she leads the research cluster on Environmental Justice, Urbanization and Resilience (EJUR). She is also the Bartlett’s Vice-Dean International and is actively engaged in various initiatives promoting trans-local learning and enhanced advocacy and actionresearch capacity, both within UCL and internationally

Originally trained as an urban planner in Argentina, she specialized over the years in the fields of housing, public health, urban environmental governance and political ecology. Adriana has over 30 years of international experience in research, postgraduate teaching, advisory and training services undertakings in over 25 countries across the Global South.

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Call to vote for HIC President 2024-2028

Message available in Arabic here الرسالة متاحة باللغة العربية هنا The Electoral Committee is pleased to invite all the HIC Members with right to vote to elect the HIC President [...]