A Solidarity Meal in Yaoundé with Humanitas Solidaris


Christmas 2020 was a special Christmas in a year marked by the pandemic. In Yaoundé, Cameroon, the organisation Humanitas Solidaris, a member of HIC, organised a solidarity action by sharing Christmas dinner with orphans at the Yaoundé Soical Centre.

Although Cameroon is a signatory to all the major conventions on child protection, their implementation is uneven and draft national laws that would strengthen the legal protection framework have not yet been adopted.

The Fact Foundation, based in Yaoundé, houses 48 orphans who are minors and who are students. It was created by Dame Suzanne, herself an orphan in her early childhood. Its main mission is to support the orphans in terms of education and schooling. The Fact Foundation lives on donations and is supported by the Humanitas Solidaris association.

The mission of the HUMANITAS-SOLIDARIS association is to work for living together and national integration, to promote reflection, training and capacity building, and experiences for the benefit of its members and the population. To bring together, initiate and support projects for the benefit of fragile and distressed minorities, and to enable people to exchange experiences and strengthen their place in the partnership with elected representatives, institutions in general and technicians, particularly in the context of decentralisation, local development and regional integration. The association also tries to support the institutions of the Republic in the promotion of Human Rights.

For more info: www.hic-net.org/members/humanitas-solidaris/