Act Now: Palestine solidarity needed


1) Gaza Freedom March: Join the actions!

Participants of the Gaza Freedom March are struggling to get access into the besieged Gaza Strip, so far denied to them by the Egyptian authorities. For all those back home, follow the news about the march and calls for action on and join a local protest. (for info on local protests, see:

2) The arrest of Jamal Juma’ and many other Palestinian anti-Wall activists: Sign the appeal!

Israel is escalating its repression against Palestinian civil society and human rights defenders in the West Bank.  In response to increasingly organized advocacy efforts and civil resistance to Israeli occupation and apartheid, a strategy of arrest, intimidation, detention, threats and, at times, collective punishment has been applied to the Palestinian people. The anti-Wall movement and BDS advocates are the first ones to have come under attack.

The arrest of Jamal Juma’, the coordinator of the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and part of the Palestinian national leadership, marks so far the peak of the repression.

Jamal Juma’ was arrested by Israeli authorities on December 16. This arrest follows the imprisonment of Mohammad Othman, another Stop the Wall activist, and Abdallah Abu Rahmeh, a leading figure in the Bil’in popular committee against the Wall, as well as dozens more that are currently in prison for their action and advocacy against the Wall. Jamal rejects all suspicions against him and demands to be recognized as a prisoner of conscience. The Israeli legal system gives no safeguards and allows the authorities to imprison people without charges under administrative detention.

We ask your help to stand up against this repression and the arrest of Jamal Juma’. When Israel steps up its attacks on civil society, civil society in Palestine and around the world has to step up its pressure on Israel.

We are sending the attached letter (click here to download the Word file) for sign ups by civil society organizations and civil society leaders around the world.

 Please, sign up and help us to collect signatures.
 Deadline: January 8 2010.

Please, help us to get the word out, keep updated and link to:
Blogs: ;
Facebook: Free the Anti-Wall Prisoners

Thank you,

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign