Announcement of the results of the election of European Representatives to the HIC Board


We are pleased to inform you that the electoral process for the election of the European Representatives to the HIC Board for the period 2023-2027 has been successfully concluded. As stipulated, both the nomination and the voting were carried out via e-mail.Two persons, a woman and a man, representing HIC Member organizations in good standing, were nominated:
•    Mrs Irene Escorihuela, Observatori DESC (Spain)
•    Mr Alexandre Apsan Frediani, International Institute for Environment and Development (United Kingdom)

The 2 Candidates accepted their nomination and provided us the requested documents in due time for their campaign.

Alexandre and Irene, forming a mixed team, took the internal decision to represent together the region at  the HIC Board, Alex being the Representative and Irene his Alternate.
We sent a call to vote to the membership inviting each member organisation in good standing to ratify or reject the Team proposal and we received the votes over a period of 12 days.
Of the total of 11 voting organizations registered on the Europe roster at the time of the election, 8 member organizations from 6 countries participated in this process: Belgium, Germany, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.
The quorum for this election is, therefore, 73%.
The result of the vote is the following:
– Endorsement of the regional representation by the team: 8
– Rejection of the regional representation by the team: 0
– Explicit abstention to vote: 1NOTE: In addition, the Electoral Committee has received 3 votes from HIC Members who had no voting rights. These votes are not tallied in the final result and neither in the quorum.

This result, as established in the electoral rules to guarantee gender balance, and in accordance with HIC founding documents, validates the team formed by Mr Alexandre Apsan Frediani as Representative, while Mrs Irene Escorihuela will be the alternate.

We are sure that, together, Alex and Irene will undertake this representation with great enthusiasm and responsibility, as a team.
We thank all the HIC Members in the region for their participation and congratulate Alex and Irene for the result.