Bangladesh – Shelter Slum Eviction Report


Source: Shelter For The Poor


Action taken so far :

ASK-PROSHIKA-CUP filled a writ petition to the High Court and got stay-order against the eviction for the Kallyanpur pora bastee , Mirpur, Dhaka -( Major part of this slum were evicted on 21 December, 2003 and evicted about 20,000 families at that time)- for the next three months period.

Description of the overall situation:

  • No one organization is coming forward with policy advocacy, campaign or with social mobilization program to resist the eviction process. Who have fund to address the issues, to organize and mobilize the people, to create demand for their housing right and advocate on the policy level, they are doing nothing at all; even not a press conference against the eviction.
  • Some activists and Organizations has eagerness and commitments to come forward with some visible programs and to do something for the urban poor, but they do not have that level financial ability to run the whole process.
  • Lots of research / studies are conducted, but not a single one is presented to the nation nor submitted to the Government / Policy makers.


Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee
Chairperson & CEO
Dhaka, Bangladesh.