Book Release: There’s No Place


The book, There’s No Place: The American
Housing Crisis and what it means for the UK
, will be published in
June. Here’s what some people are saying about it:

“Glyn Robbins knows what he’s talking about. If words are
weapons, this will be just the ammunition we need to fight for an end to
homelessness.” Ken Loach

“I don’t know of any text that takes on as many of the key housing
challenges in a single volume. It’s also unusual because it’s grounded by
clearly voiced views of local housing activists.” Professor Larry Vale,
Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology

“This is a gripping and thoroughly accessible read: an essential
tool for everyone concerned with the housing crisis – what needs to be done and
what activists are doing to campaign for secure, affordablehousing for
all.” Professor Marjorie Mayo, Goldsmiths, University of London

“Glyn Robbins brings a sharp and sympathetic eye to contemporary
US struggles to Save Our Homes in the face of privatisation, deregulation and
cuts. Readers will find much to resonate and reflect on as global capital
tightens its death grip on our communities.” Michael Kane, Executive Director,
National Alliance of HUD Tenants

The book comes
at a critical moment for the future of housing in the US and UK. The
election of Donald Trump makes a property developer “the most powerful man in
the world”. For Americans with low-incomes, the limited help to keep a
home they can afford is at risk. In the UK, the pending general election
finds housing at a crossroads between a revival of non-market housing or
letting the market rip.

If you’d like
to pre-order a copy, please contact Glyn Robbins via this blog, Twitter,
Facebook or email redroofpublishing1@gmail. com

Price is £10 ($12), plus post and packaging. All proceeds
after costs will go to US and UK housing campaigns.

(Please get in
touch with Glyn Robbins if you’d like to organise a meeting, lecture or event
around the themes of the book.)