Building and Social Housing Foundation invites to apply to the 2012 International Study Visit


A five-day international study visit will be carried out from Sunday 5th
– Saturday 11th August 2012 to the Community Programme for
Neighbourhood Improvement in Mexico City, winner of the 2011 World
Habitat Award.

About the programme

The Community Programme
for Neighbourhood Improvement (PCMB) is a community-driven neighbourhood
improvement programme established in 2007 by the Social Development
Secretariat (SDS) of the Federal District government of Mexico City. It
uses a participatory approach to improving public spaces in informal
settlements and low-income neighbourhoods, particularly those with high
levels of social conflict, marginalisation and/or urban decay. Projects
developed through the programme include illumination and paving of
streets, provision of recreational, community and sports facilities,
rain collection and drainage systems and small parks. Funds are
distributed directly to the local communities, who are given full
responsibility for delivering the projects selected, after training in
financial and project management and with the support of the
municipality. Over 500 million pesos (US$40 million) have been disbursed
to date and the programme is ongoing, with 600 projects due to be
completed by 2012 … more

About the visit

international study visit will provide participants with an opportunity
to exchange knowledge and experience, become part of a community of
practice and gain an in-depth understanding of the key aspects of the
award-winning neighbourhood improvement programme, including
participatory governance processes, physical upgrading and
self-management of resources. Intensive site visits will form a major
part of the study visit, providing an opportunity to study all aspects
of the programme and to meet those responsible for its success.

Applying for a place

study visit will be of particular interest to urban practitioners,
researchers or policymakers involved in settlement upgrading and/or
participatory governance processes.

Limited bursary funds are available for those requiring financial assistance with international travel costs.

Please note that all applications should reach us by Monday 30th April 2012. To make an application online, please click here