Call for Co-presenters for a panel on governance and the provision of gender-sensitive essential services in low-income communities for the Third International Conference on Women’s Safety, November 22-24, 2010, New Delhi, India


Jagori is looking for 2 co-presenters for a panel on gender and essential services in low-income communities. This panel will be held at the Third International Conference on Women’s Safety: Building Inclusive Cities, November 22 – 24th 2010, New Delhi, India. You can find additional information about the conference at the following URL:

Jagori, a women’s group in New Delhi, India, is proposing to host a panel discussion on the gendered impacts of inadequate services and how to improve governance for services provision in low-income neighbourhoods. We are interested in hearing from either women’s groups, CBOs, local governments, NGOs or a combination of the above about your experiences in organizing for the provision of gender-sensitive services for water, sanitation, drainage, solid waste, and electricity. Clearly, security of tenure and shelter are implicated in the provision of essential services; we look forward to hearing about your particular context in this regard.
We are especially interested in exploring changes in governance for the provision of services; women and community-based services provision; or, partnerships with service providers for the provision of gender-sensitive services as they implicate women’s daily lives and their safety and security in their immediate living environments.

We are looking for 2 other presenters to join us on this panel. The panel session is for 1.5 hours. If you have been, or are involved in an initiative that would qualify for this panel based on the information above, please send us a 2-page brief description of your initiative. We are presently fundraising to cover transportation and hotel costs for the participation of the 2 presenters. We are optimistic about raising funds.
Your proposal should identify what service/s you are working on; what is your approach to gender-inclusive services provision; how is women’s safety and security implicated in the service/s; who are the key actors in the initiative/project; what you are proposing to do; what has been done so far; and the changes in governance for the delivery of gender-inclusive services.

Please send your proposal including your organizational contact information by July 30th 2010 to:

Surabhi Tandon Mehrotra and Prabha Khosla

Or, you can mail or fax your proposal to the address below.
B-114, Shivalik Malviya Nagar
New Delhi, India, 110 017-12
Fax: +91 11 2669 1221