Call for European Urban Social Movements


We, Urban Social Movements in Istanbul, are inviting all the Europe-wide resisting urban social movements and organizations to VI. European Social Forum, with the need and urge to fight together against the ceaseless attacks of capitalism.

We, who are thrown out of our homes and neighbourhoods, kicked out to the streets, whose ecologic values are looted for profit, whose memories are mortgaged, we, as the dispossessed, as the outsiders, that is, the real owners of the cities will be gathering in the European Social Forum which will be held in Istanbul between the 1st and 4th of July. We will be searching the ways to mutualize our problems and to develop organized means of struggle.

We will discuss the future of the endlessly transforming cities and the meaning of this transformation for the dispossessed and oppressed. We will gather to discuss the ways to synchronize the partial resistances in the city centers and slums, to talk about the inseparable destiny of the urban and rural struggles, the possibilities of common local and global struggles and to create a solid action alliance out of our discussions.

Let us get together in seminars, in workshops, at stands and in the actions. Let us gather our voices and raise our cry this time from Istanbul.

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