Call for Volunteers for HIC-MENA Electoral Committee


Call for Volunteers for HIC-MENA Electoral Committee

current term of HIC MENA will expire at the end of June 2014. The next
four-year term will run from July 2014 through June 2018. The mandate started
in July 2010 of your current representative at the HIC Board, Ms Rajaa Kassab
(Right to Water Forum in Arab Region, Morocco) and alternate Mr. Yahia
Khawaldeh (Dana and Qadisiyah Local Community, Jordan), will expire on June

order to have representation at the Board, an election will take place under
the coordination of an Election Committee composed of volunteers. The EC will
receive full support of Mr. Rabie Wahba, HIC-MENA Global program officer and
from Marie, HIC-GS Membership Coordinator.


To be a HIC member of MENA region

A minimum of 3 persons with gender/geographical

Dedication estimated to 2 hours/week from March 17 to
June 30, 2014 (15 weeks)

Ability to communicate and read English or Arabic

No member of the EC is eligible to stand for HIC MENA
representative Election. Nor is any employee of his/her organization eligible.

will find in attachment the first draft of the Electoral Process that was
prepared to facilitate the EC’s task.

you are willing to volunteer and to contribute to this Electoral Process, send
an email as soon as possible at Mr. Rabie Wahba ( and HIC General
Secretariat (



and GS Team


of Representative to the Board – MENA

According to
the HIC Constitution and to the current bylaw, the procedures for the elections
in MENA Region could be as follows:

Procedures and

  • Constitution
    of the EC: 3 MENA members volunteers with gender/geographical diversity,
    they cannot be candidates
  • Set
    of electoral process by Call for nominations
  • Identification
    and verification of candidates -3 steps:

1- Each candidate shall be nominated by at least one
organizational Member of the Coalition other than the one to which s/he is
primarily affiliated

2- Reception of written acceptance of the nomination
by the candidates and their organizations

3- Reception of a bio with motivations from each

  • Call
    to vote to be redacted and sent to voters by EC
  • Electoral
    process –members sending votes by
    e-mail to EC–,
  • Votes
    counting and verification
  • Communication
    of the electoral results to HIC Board members

Profile of the

  • Man
    or woman, member of MENA Region, engaged with Human, housing, land rights
    and human settlements; interested to combine local, national and regional
    contexts with the global approach; interested to represent housing social
    processes from a global perspective in international forums.
  • HIC
    Board members are not elected as representatives of their organizations;
    rather they are elected as persons willing and able to carry out the work
  • Eligible
    candidates to Board positions shall be HIC members.
  • Candidates
    should also speak English (or French)

and tasks to be assumed by the elected HIC Board members:

  • Subscribe
    to and act in accordance with the objectives of the Coalition.
  • Representatives
    of HIC on a solidarity basis, with no retribution (they are not paid).
  • Participate
    to HIC Board Meetings and HIC global events with network financial support
    for travel and accommodations (10 days once a year).
  • Board
    representatives appointed for a four-year term.
  • Board
    members shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Nomination of

  • Candidates
    should be nominated by at least one member of MENA Region.
  • The
    candidate has to send a note of acceptance of the nomination.
  • HIC
    Board representative and alternate has to be gender alternate.


  • MENA
    members with right to vote.
  • Each
    voter has the right to ONE vote.

Means of

  • By
    email to the EC, in AR or EN