Children and the Right to Adequate Housing International Law Resource Guide


Publication from HLRN Middle East/North Africa provides a guide to the meaning of the human right to adequate housing as it applies to children. It also serves as a tool for assessing children’s housing rights conditions and addressing problems and violations.

Building on the experience and activism of members in India, HIC-HLRN commissioned the initial research from “Haq Center for Child Rights” (New Delhi), in 2002. The present edition updates and adapts al-Atfal wa al-Haq fi al-Sakan for the benefit of the Arabic-speaking public. The book has been designed for use by its members and the public as a reference work, a means for awareness raising and a training manual.

HIC-HLRN is providing each member in the Middle East/North Africa region with a complementary copy of this new publication. Additional copies are available at €5 from:

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