Kicking off HIC co-learning spaces: Meet the facilitators


HIC Co-learning spaces are cross-regional, multi-session encounters opened to all HIC Members, Friends and allies to generate and multiply emancipatory learning practices applied on the defense of human rights related to habitat. Each co-learning space will be hosted over an extended time period, mostly online, facilitated by HIC members with the support of HIC and the Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW) programme.

The purpose at the centre of each co-learning space is to build the social force of HIC, by connecting cross-regionally, cross-thematically and linking learning to action and advocacy. 

From September 2021 to February 2022 HIC will be hosting three co-learning spaces, which will be facilitated by a cross-regional group of HIC Members from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Feminist Approaches to Habitat: September 2021 – December 2021
  • Land Rights: October 2021 – January 2022
  • Multi-level advocacyNovember 2021 – February 2022

Meet your co-learning facilitators

How to join a co-learning space as a participant:

-> Join the strategy meeting for participants on Thursday 9 September 2021. To register click here.

-> Take the Member Survey: Building Social Force to identify your priorities to discuss in the different co-learning spaces. (Contact the HIC GS if you haven’t receive the link of the survey via email).